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A place to seek inspiration and productivity in the office


The starting point of the design concept for these offices located in the Baix Empordà was to harness the natural light and construct a space where the lighting would enhance the workers’ peace of mind and concentration.

“Since they are our second home, workspaces should be places that embrace and hold us energetically. ”

Lighting designed to stimulate creativity
Susanna Cots’ design for these offices creates a space in which yang energy predominates over yin, where white flows and light circulates to enhance creativity.

As in all her projects, the study of lighting is crucial and in this instance it is artificial lighting that creates a play of shadows to produce a more responsive working environment enhanced by materials such as wood and use of vegetation, keys to creating a climate of work-oriented wellness.

The design strengthens the exterior light through great windows and channels it into the interior without sacrificing privacy. The furnishings are Susanna Cots exclusive creations.

The proximity of the Mediterranean and the Costa Brava has marked a project in which the Catalonian interior architect has contributed wellbeing and good vibes between workmates to that singular situation we call “work”.

The original distribution places the meeting room, the design of which plays with the interaction of wood and glass, at the centre of the main space, parallel to the façade. In this way the project integrates the exterior with the exterior by extending the outside pergola with the meeting room. It thus provides light in the external work area and maintains the privacy of the meetings.


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