Feng shui or the art of finding harmony

You’ve woken up this morning feeling like a change. You turn your head and look for your figure in the mirror, then check with the other one and tell yourself: it’s time to look for a new home. It’s the beginning of an exhaustive search of flats, houses, and apartments… and then, something magic happens! You had a feeling when you visited that house and still don’t know what it is exactly, but it moved your [.....]

A way between quietness and a cosmopolitan lifestyle

Design is around the home as well as within, from the coffee spoon to the suite's wardrobe. It's functional design, used to make our life run in the daily world. Then, where does magical design fit in a house? The essence of all the looks go back, over and over again, to design that attracts everybody's attention. That piece means a magic design. Society has changed a lot in the last few decades. From a titan fight we have [.....]


Blancollection, Susanna Cots’ furniture collection for Camamilla Design is a collection based on the senses: the ones that make us enjoy our free time with family and friends. Inspiration comes easier in this season, more poetic and sensitive. That´s why Blancollection makes more sense in spring. And that’s why we’d like to explain what Blancollection means to us. Just one word is needed to describe Blancollection: [.....]

A new way of cooking

Let’s ignore all the surveys and let’s make our own hypothesis. Meals are the best moment of the day to enjoy relationships! We have no time and we always get the most of it while we are having breakfast, lunch, brunch, a coffee or a beer after work. We even make our dinners last hours to spend more time together. Every excuse is good to socialize. Cooking, in our rushed world, means the heart of sociability. Spaces have [.....]


Imagine a character from another world. An alien. A being that doesn’t know culture, traditions and human ways of living. Imagine that he/she/it lands in Barcelona at the end of October 2010 and finds a newspaper with “design” written in the front page. Imagine it’s a clever character. How would we explain to that fellow what design is? Spanish and Catalan dictionaries describe design as “the activity aimed to get [.....]


Feelings are those ones that make you feel a shivering in your eyelids. Feelings provoke an unexpected heartbeat and make you sigh when you get home and see a light in the front room that shows you that there’s someone waiting for you under a blanket. Feelings are like those songs that you never get tired of listening to. Feelings are not demanding or boring and they are as true as you make them. Feelings are like that in [.....]

White colour in the design world

White, as a colour and concept, has been related to cleanliness and light. To purity and quietness. To all those holes of air that surround typography. To get right on the spot. To sol-fa and the white quaver. Nevertheless, sometimes white is related to a creative block, the fear of the white paper. That’s it: white is more than a colour, is a concept that goes through all the artistic disciplines in both positive and [.....]