Invisible elements of a good design

Design, as everything in life, has a series of invisible elements that make a good or bad design. Today, I would like to talk about these invisible elements. People usually let themselves go by what they see and then decide if they like it or not. But be aware! Not everything you see is true. In interior designing, behind all things you see there is a huge effort to achieve wellbeing and quality of life. A good design, like [.....]

How do we surprise ourselves?

Recently I found a postcard I bought when I visited Paris stuck between the pages of an old Moleskine. There are traditions that we design collectors still maintain, regardless of the passing years and of state of the art technology, such as keeping small paper treasures. The postcard took me back to vintage Parisian streets, the nostalgic and innovative atmosphere one breathes when walking around the alleys of the French [.....]

This Christmas… Let’s recycle the magic!

What can we innovate about Christams? If we ask ourselves this question two inner voices will probably appear. One will say, "nothing: everything has already been invented". The other one will say "surely there is still something surprising to be discovered!..." Ignore the messages; listen to yourself.. and the little ones We suggest a third voice, which is not magical nor works miracles; it just looks, listens and sees what [.....]

Coolhunting in Amsterdam

[gallery link="file" orderby="title"] Coohunting in Amsterdam When thinking about Amsterdam, what are the first things that come to your head? The usual clichés are coffee shops, bicycles and tulips. This was an easy one! But, what does Amsterdam transmit through all its channels? The answer is not obvious at first sight, but once you are there, it is very clear: slow life, slow design and slow food. Slowness does not [.....]

Further than lighting: light

Light has been present in human and animal life since the sun occupied its place in the universe and established the basic cycles for survival. We sleep when there is no light, and eat and work when there is. Long passed Prehistoric times, modern life has brought us technology to be able to stretch out the light cycles artificially and, with them, our daily routines. Nowadays, we are no longer slaves of the sun; but we do not [.....]

Slow Design in three steps

Big Bang of creativity Brainstorming, shower of ideas, storm of ideas... it seems that all the meteorological phenomena come together in the mind of creatives, also known as artists, when working on a professional project. Come rain, snow or wind, the aim is to create in order to satisfy emotions. As designers we experiment this phase in different ways: many times external factors such as short deadlines, trends and the [.....]

Emotional eclecticism

It is said that in order to find balance you need to go to extremes. But every norm has its exceptions: sweet and sour in Asian cuisine, instrumental fusions in jazz melodies, eclectic trends in the world of design or the exquisite combination of meat and fish in the typical Catalan dish “Mar o muntanya”, are some few examples. We have asked ourselves how eclecticism has become the meeting point for many designers. After [.....]