This Christmas… Let’s recycle the magic!

What can we innovate about Christams? If we ask ourselves this question two inner voices will probably appear. One will say, “nothing: everything has already been invented”. The other one will say “surely there is still something surprising to be discovered!…” Ignore the messages; listen to yourself.. and the little ones We suggest a third voice, which is not magical nor works miracles; it just looks, listens and sees what surrounds us and says: look for your inner naïve and innocent voice. The one that talked to you when you were little! Or why not listen to your children, who are probably running around you just now, inventing their own games. Children are extremely creative and listening to them can help us experience a different Christmas. Why don’t we let them play a leading role this Christmas? Let them suggest how they would like the tree to be dressed, what would they like to hang on its branches, who they would like to send a special present to, what they would hide under the bed to surprise guests when they pay us a visit. Let them be intuitive and risky, and guide them in the values we wish for them to strengthen, share and love, and to always be themselves. The strength of going slow Meanwhile, let us grownups be ‘slow’: “Now” is not a unique opportunity; now is the present time when we can start slowing down and lowering the rhythm of our hearts. For some days, let’s leave our watches in the entrance, let’s hang our mobile phones, alarm clocks and any other gadgets on the tree and forget they’re there. Alter your daily rhythm, stop time, beat at your own pace and turn your home into a paradise free of the slavery of time. Let the feeling of cheer of being with our loved ones guide us and let us feel the gratitude for those who fill our lives. At the end of the day, by doing this, are we not designing an emotional strategy? Merry Christmas to all!

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