Parallel to the Sea, a house with imaginary lines with the Mediterranean

A second residence aligned with the sea

Susanna Cots realizes this 150m2 interior project in Maresme (Barcelona) with the sea as the main element, which gives shape to the distribution of the house, the lighting and the colours.

Looking at the outside, the designer captures the lights and the shadows, which contribute to provide simplicity and calm throughout the space. Prevailing white tones gives a personality to the house that attracts order, and is combined with soft mink touches.

The house is L-shaped and orientates the day and night areas towards the exterior, giving visibility to the rooms and providing privacy at the same time. Duets prevail throughout the interior project, which subtly alternates design and functionality, landscape and warmth, interior and exterior.

A design based on the interior-exterior synthesis
To materialize these duets, the kitchen, dining room and bedrooms are located parallel to the close-by sea, allowing the exterior to coherently and harmoniously invade the space.

The kitchen has been designed as a cubicle that also houses a cupboard and guest restroom, and is subtly separated from the dining room. Additionally, the dining room is delimited by a horizontal two metres fireplace.

The designer incorporates exterior elements to the inside spaces: the same flooring is used on the terrace and in the suite, and for the bed head and the en–suite bathroom flooring.