Sensorial order: a dental clinic that invites you to smile

Minimally invasive design for a dental clinic
In her new project, Sensory order, Susanna Cots breaks the taboos to create a space far from the conventional: a metaphor that goes from disorder to order through design, materials and a white and organic palette, the latter being the interior designer’s distinctive signature.

Interior designer Susanna Cots has been able to create an atmosphere of calm in a dental clinic by projecting a space in which the volumes, the sturdiness of solid wood and the unexpected presence of Nature in the form of vertical gardens, welcome patients to a world far from the traditional dentist.

“Approaching the design as a question of volumes is a way of resolving the imbalances and finding equilibrium”

Welcome to a space that invites you to smile.
The reception area catches the eye with its combination of asymmetric, 15-metre-long wooden volumes that represent an irregular set of teeth. Just like a sculpture located on the ceiling, this central volume distributes the space towards the consulting rooms.

Once again, Susanna Cots counts with the complicity of two of her essential design elements: light and the colour white. Natural light provides calm and visual comfort, and a discreet and pleasant artificial lighting plan guides the patient around the space. As always, white is the main element that reinforces the designer’s personal signature.

As a tribute to the patient, and always bearing in mind he’s well-being, the vertical gardens strategically located at the entrance and in the wash room, bring us closer to Susanna Cots’ slow philosophy, and materialize the desired metaphor of sensory order.