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#newsclipping spring 2013

life in colours

Did you know that colours have an important psychological and physical effect on all of us? Some experts say that if we sat in a red room, our pulse and blood pressure would increase.

Colours are very powerful. And spring is an explosion of colour, wherever we look. Personally, I love the green of tender leaves, the intense yellow of marguerites, and the infinity of whites of the playful clouds. The contrasts of light and colour, the volumes and the special brightness, are some of the beautiful presents that this welcoming season brings us.

Colours make us live emotions more intensely. We dare to be bold and embrace reds, yellows and greens. The warmth, the sun and our skin combine greatly. We feel comfortable with bright colours.

As most of you know, white is our colour, the colour that embraces all colours and that represents purity, spirituality, hope, expansiveness and openness. We apply the rest of the chromatic spectrum to our projects like brush strokes, to achieve balance, timelessness and visual comfort of the space. We escape trends.

Colours, as we understand them, are the small detail that round our projects. Why? Because they inspire us, they symbolise states of mind, they help make energies flow, and, according to feng shui, they transmit the personality of the people who live there.

This spring we invite you to discover the colours of the new season and what they represent in each of the spaces in your home. Have you arranged a nice vase of yellow marguerites in a little corner somewhere? I am sure you have!

Happy spring to all!

Susanna Cots

"We travel to change not places but ideas" - Hippolytus


White is the exact measure of serenity, optimism and purity. It is the colour of light, kindness and perfection.

Blue is the colour of peace and autumn. It brings serenity and calm, and enhances the power of words and will.

Orange is the colour of awakenings. It helps us fight the lack of motivation and lightens tiredness. It also strengthens cordiality and kindness.

Nature is summed up in green. It is used to regulate sleep and balance our nerves; it brings calm and means "new life".

Yellow symbolises the change of seasons. It awakens a state of alert, confidence, and strengthens our attention and attitude for learning.

Indigo is the colour of creativity and inspiration, and is very useful for sight and hearing problems.

Summer, strength, passion and action are concentrated in red, the colour of summer. It is ideal to fight anaemia and apathy.

Fuchsia is related to the mind, it helps us strengthen meditation and our imagination. It is the colour of winter and is ideal to fight migraine.

Black represents extremes: power and elegance in front of mystery and pain. It helps contrast the rest of colours and is useful to create depth.


The visual communication with Nature is the parting point of this project in which the slow concept goes beyond design itself, as the location of this housing meets all the requirements of slow life. The forest, the depth of its rustic surroundings… all favours a design that rewards Nature. We have looked for the union between Nature and each part of the house.

The combination of volumes that visually unites both floors creates a reading and relaxing corner, and the sensation of being suspended in the middle of the forest, always searching for a connection with the exterior.

The stone element that divides the house creating the fireplace looks for the balance with the exterior through textures and shapes with a natural material like stone. The staircase seems suspended like an invisible element and forms a sculptural piece that welcomes us, together with the classical music of the piano. Our goals in this project were to evoke sensations, to play with natural light, to create a feeling of well-being in all spaces and to achieve a balance between the interior-exterior, order and visual comfort

EL ELOGIO DE LA SOMBRA, by Junichiro Tanizak. Essay about the power of light (+) EL MONSTRUO DE COLORES, by Anna Llenas, a great book for kids (+) DESTROZA ESTE DIARIO, de Keri Smith. Estimulate your creativity with no fear (+) DISEÑO, An useful guide of home furniture and unexpected objects (+) MOLESKINE WHITE, your next booknote is fully white. Write your story! (+)

Change-lasting lover, she loves understandable metaphors and comfortable contrast, Susanna Cots has been designing spaces and everything capable of being design. Her simplicity and perseverance have moved her into pole position in the ephemeral design world.

*I dedicate this newsclipping to my father for teaching me to only throw in the towel on the beach.


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