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#newsclipping winter 2013

if i were a country, i would be sweden

Some years ago a journalist tried to ask me the kind of questions that indirectly classify you into a design style or another. I refused to answer because I believe that in the world of design there isn’t an objective way to frame you in a specific group or “cliché”. Design is so personal and non-transferrable and, at the same time, so public and copycatted, that it’s barely impossible to establish limits between one style and another - especially because they are subordinated to the constantly changing trends.

Finally, the journalist got away with it and I ended up identifying myself with a particular way of being, without any pressure from external trends. He asked me how I would define myself if I were a colour and a material.

My answer was straightforward: if I were a colour, I would be white. If I were a material, I would be wood.

Some weeks after my return from a coolhunting escape in Sweden, I can now add a third item to the ‘revisited’ Susanna Cots’ definition: if I were a country, I would be Sweden.

Sweden captivates me for its intense whiteness in winter and for its amazing, green nature in summer; for the silence that the snow invokes and for the solid footsteps of its citizens. For its simple and quiet sense of “centre”, so far away from the masses, and for its apology for slow life.

Stockholm tops the list of Nordic design with Copenhagen and Oslo, not just because their style is unique but also due to their ‘name’ that makes them a strong referent worldwide. It is also a lifestyle. The main characters are product designers. Schools are important and young designers have a space to develop their work.

At Stockholm Furniture & Light Fair, young designers had an outstanding location and were mainly divided into schools. Talent was inspiring all around! The rest of the exhibition, although not very big, hosted a great number of Nordic brands that don’t usually step out of their frontiers. Once again, it’s the sign of the value they give to their design. This way, the slow design circle –which we pursue in every project–, is complete: they produce, sell and buy in Sweden.

There is no need to attend one of their design fairs to understand that they are very proud of their products and lifestyle; shops and streets are also a good example. People feel good in a country that treats them well - despite being below zero degrees nearly all the year round.

We dedicate this newsclipping to the city that inspired us with its whiteness and warmth. We have gathered all those special design details that caught are eye during our visit and the materials that fascinated us so we can share them with you. As usual, you will also find tasty, gastronomic recommendations, this time in Stockholm.


Susanna Cots


"Design is like a mom, nobody notices when she’s around, but everybody misses her when she’s not". - Santiago Borray


Green in this country is a synonym for urban and sustainable, health and nature. Step into this pic to discover its eco-friendly atmosphere..
From the immaculate snow to the foam structure opening the exhibition, and all the white sights that caught our eye, check out more pictures of the white country!
Scandinavia’s mythic wood, birch is clean and whitish, and has a warm feel to it that is tangible everywhere. An absolute passion for their Nature! Want to see more? (+)
Different felt applications are always a surprise. If we add versatility and creativity, this material is really playable. Here are some good examples!(+)
SNICKARBACKEN 7, a really cool coffee & clothes shop (+) VIGARDA, a fashionable bbq by chef Melker Andersson (+) ANDROUET, a cosy and glamurous cheese shop (+) FABRIQUE, you can’t leave this bakery without bread or pic! (+) BRUNO, quality and pricey food in the heart of Sofo (+)

Change-lasting lover, she loves understandable metaphors and comfortable contrast, Susanna Cots has been designing spaces and everything capable of being design. Her simplicity and perseverance have moved her into pole position in the ephemeral design world.

* I dedicate this newsclipping to my Mom because with her words are not necessary.


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@susannacots A lounge at the Stockholm Furniture Fair designed to look like snow-capped mountains:

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