Mediterranean Pace, a functional Mediterranean holiday home in the Costa Brava

A holiday home for comfortable living


Located in Calella de Palafrugell, land of habaneras and rum flambé, Susanna Cots’ interior architecture for Gestió7, the developer, is inspired by one of the most enchanting corners of the Mediterranean coast.
The designer has sought to compose geometric lines parallel to the sea and to foster connection and communication between the guests in the dwelling. To do so she has laid out the kitchen, living room and dining room in a single space where the partitions are defined by the furnishings.

“The secret to a comfortable house is a design that simplifies, not one that multiplies”

Opening the home to summery freshness and practicality

The living room is designed around a central bio-ethanol fireplace with pure, simple lines in the form of a cast iron cube which, together with the terrace and sea views, ensures that the room itself creates a magical atmosphere.
The kitchen is designed in dark grey and like the dining table is oriented parallel to the sea. The sleeping area is clad in white stained pine slats to achieve a fresh, warm feeling.
In the bathrooms the studio opted for geometrical paving tiles that extend beyond the bathroom to define the passage.