Maison de vacances, the in-out & on-off game of a house in the city

Living in a holiday house all year round
Chilling out in the middle of the urban chaos. Inhabiting an interior that feels like the widest of open spaces. This is the affinity between contrasts that Susanna Cots achieves in the interior design of this dwelling.

Collusion between the interior and the exterior is the driving force behind the inspiration for “Maison de Vacances” (2015), a family home in Barcelona. The headline gives us a premonition of the design of this family maisonette whose owners’ goal is to escape from the day-to-day stress of the big city.

“To live in a house where everything has its raison d’être and nothing needs an explanation”

Interior-exterior symmetries

The Catalonian interior architect has designed a diaphanous space that embraces the terrace to convert the top floor into a single in-out volume that integrates both spaces into one essence. Two lacquered MDF cubes create two family intercourse areas – the kitchen and living room in the interior – and two recreation areas in the exterior.

The kitchen plays with interior-exterior symmetries to ensure that the dining table belongs equally to both areas. Moreover, the living room features a central fireplace that contributes a comfort factor while aesthetically enriching both points of view. The ground floor is devoted to two suites, both endowed with full bathrooms.