How do we surprise ourselves?

Recently I found a postcard I bought when I visited Paris stuck between the pages of an old Moleskine. There are traditions that we design collectors still maintain, regardless of the passing years and of state of the art technology, such as keeping small paper treasures. The postcard took me back to vintage Parisian streets, the nostalgic and innovative atmosphere one breathes when walking around the alleys of the French capital city, the mouth-watering aroma of its cuisine… But, something else caught my attention: the message on the postcard was tremendously familiar. It said: “Love is possible”. Suddenly, I had a déjà vu. In my last trip to Amsterdam, I had spotted this same claim in some corner of the city in the shape of graffiti. How can it be that identical messages are repeated? This coincidence made me reflect on connections.

Are they causal or casual? Who is behind them? Where are the limits of inspiration? Do we copy ourselves more each time?

I think that in the world of design, as well as in the worlds of gastronomy, fashion or painting, new technologies have made clear that people share the same main values no matter which society they live in.

Before the Internet era, the fact of sharing was reduced to conversations among neighbours, or to letters and postcards. Ideas did not go very far away, but, as proved by History, societies shared the same basis.

Nowadays, in the world of design we are invaded by huge amounts of information, which are often excessive. If, in the recent past, we used to receive audiovisual impacts, messages are now multisensory: they overpower our senses. If design used to captivate us mainly through sight, nowadays aroma, sound and touch are also designed to achieve a complete impact on our minds. And what is odder is that we are all more alike than ever. What does this mean? That it is more difficult every time for us to be surprised by innovation, or even by simplicity. Saturation of information makes us think that we might end up being immune to beauty.

To regain our capacity for surprise, we need to set the boundaries to the abundance of information we receive and to consume it coherently, and know which the sources that refresh our inspiration are. Our effort for this spring is to reach your emotions with our new format. We hope to surprise you a bit!

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