House in Pedralbes – Barcelona

One of our favourite projects is this fabulous apartment in the Pedralbes area in Barcelona.

Through the combination of volumes and a studied distribution to provide the perfect flow in each room, as well as the predominance of white, we were able to grant the owners’ requests to create unique rooms for the children with platforms, and a charming suite with a key dressing room.

In the suite, the dressing room welcomes the bedroom that opens to the exterior and salutes the bathroom, which is distributed into three different areas: two black volumes, one for the shower and another for the lavatory, and an outstanding Corian® basin with water cascades.

The main bedroom is separated from the rest of the house by a white piece of furniture that houses the cosmetics and towels and that spills into the shower providing a touch of soft light to the room.

The bed’s headboard is a distressed silver frame and a Barrocan style drawing.

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