Gormand Coffee shop – Manresa – Barcelona

The challenge of this project was to integrate three different business areas, a process that we had already began with the renovation of the visual image of Gormand‘s gift shop.

 We started this project from an initial situation that had already been defined: the creation of a connecting space that integrated naturally the shop’s three areas –coffee, sweet and gift shops. The second challenge was to create visual comfort among these three areas that are very different in shapes and colours, and the way in which the products are showcased.

We continued to use the same white lines as in the initial interior design project that highlighted the desired “surprise effect”, and provided them with volume. To achieve this, designer Susanna Cots located a giant cube in the coffee shop area to separate it from the rest of the areas and to provide customers with a sensation of calm. The cube is framed with fluorescent bands.

In the rest of the shop we also used the white lines to connect all three areas through a soft combination of different sizes and uses.

The new Gormand has an eclectic touch achieved through small details, such as Colonial style furniture, a vintage clock or contemporary “Isabelina” style chairs, among other touches.

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