Further than lighting: light

Light has been present in human and animal life since the sun occupied its place in the universe and established the basic cycles for survival. We sleep when there is no light, and eat and work when there is. Long passed Prehistoric times, modern life has brought us technology to be able to stretch out the light cycles artificially and, with them, our daily routines. Nowadays, we are no longer slaves of the sun; but we do not respect this great star enough either.

Lighting has an incredible emotional power. It can modulate people’s tones in a conversation, stimulate guests’ appetite in a lunch, or provoke a feeling of peace and calm when entering a house. But, in the same way, lighting can also be very disconcerting if not used with a purpose. It can be cold and stressful and make people leave a place. It’s all about tastes and needs.

We understand lighting as an essential part in an interior design project. Basically, because we are aware that the correct lighting can make people feel good and that helps them realise the importance of what ‘feeling at home’ means. We so believe lighting is key in every space that we even dare say that a good project can turn into a bad one if lighting is not correctly planned. Success resides in finding the balance between the stylistic and the technical parts in a project. This is essential because we must understand that light is a material that interacts with flexibility with people and the objects that surround them.

There are loads of novelties. We could talk about chromatic reproductions, lighting systems,leds, RGB innovation… but, at the end of the day, we will always end up at the same idea: the need of being faithful to the role of natural light in life, trying to smooth the changes between the day’s natural light cycles, of being aware of the influence of lighting on people’s states of mind and looking for a kind of lighting equivalent to the soothing light of sunset. If our lives were only ruled by the sun, surely our admiration for lighting would be very different.

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