Feelings are those ones that make you feel a shivering in your eyelids. Feelings provoke an unexpected heartbeat and make you sigh when you get home and see a light in the front room that shows you that there’s someone waiting for you under a blanket. Feelings are like those songs that you never get tired of listening to. Feelings are not demanding or boring and they are as true as you make them.

Feelings are like that in my home: pure, innocent and unique. Every beam of light that enters through my window every morning makes me feel special, my tea mug, my beige blanket… All of them are my shelter and I can’t imagine my life at home without them. In ten years I’ve learnt that everyone shows their feelings about things around them through their personality. Either a dwelling or a contract project, all the designs have to transmit the owner’s essence, because people next to them will appreciate all these details and will create a comfortable atmosphere.

Feelings have to get inspirations from our ability to be receptive and open-minded to our environment. Daily life can be stressful: work, responsibilities… and we have the feeling that we don’t have time and that the perfection and spontaneity are disappearing with every year. Nevertheless, what’s difficult to see is that it’s us who create time. And time is an arbitrary game that is easy to manipulate. So, if you assume that we can have it if we really want it and we try to follow our feelings, we’ll be able to observe all those marvellous things around us and we’ll consider ourselves special beings. We don’t need to think about it too much, we just need to give importance to the details that fill our homes.

There are plenty of feelings and most of them are imperceptible. One is called cup of coffee, another one is named tidy table, another tea essence, and there’s even cold marble. All of them have a name because we make them live in our houses. Who has never said: “home, sweet, home!”. These feelings would have said the same if they were human.

Who doesn’t know someone who can leave the house without having a coffee in the balcony? Or the power of freedom of a bath, similar to rain and the sea. And what about that secret drawer where the best secret ever is hidden? Every corner in our house is special because our feelings are a reflex of our soul. And we just need to find them! So, without any other intention than making you feel good, we invite you to turn on your “feelings’ detector” at home. Find them and give them space in your life. Sure you will notice a change and will feel like marching to the beat of the world. Easy!

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