Centre of Diagnostic Imaging of the Bages (CDIB) – Manresa – Barcelona

For the interior design project of this Centre of Diagnostic Imaging, designer Susanna Cots gives great importance to the spaciousness of offices and passing areas. That is why the basis of the project, as in the majority of our work, is the colour white traditionally related to cleanliness and light as both colour and concept.

The reception area is tilted in order to avoid crowds forming at the entrance and to facilitate the correct circulation of patients. This room was conceived in black to enhance the rest of the areas. The entrance also showcases a fish tank adding a sense of movement to one of the room’s corners – and being the hobby of one of the owners.

The neuralgic area of the clinic is a huge glass cube that houses the centre’s computers and radiology equipment. To enhance its contrast with the rest of the areas, the cube is completely black illuminated only by an RGB Led system. Next to the cube a no entry sign is projected on the floor to delimit the centre’s private areas.

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