Blancollection, Susanna Cots’ furniture collection for Camamilla Design is a collection based on the senses: the ones that make us enjoy our free time with family and friends. Inspiration comes easier in this season, more poetic and sensitive. That´s why Blancollection makes more sense in spring. And that’s why we’d like to explain what Blancollection means to us.

Just one word is needed to describe Blancollection: simplicity. All the designs are inspired by the power of wind and the purity of the white colour. All the designs are made of a recyclable aluminium sheet that reminds us of a petal. The result of this is a chair, a table and an armchair all born from the same concept. All the designs are rectilinear and are aimed to achieve commodity and quietness through a basic ergonomic design.

Calma armchair, relaxed Lounge, Mint tables always accompanied by Cinnamon chairs, rebel Biaix, majestic Strip… are designs that invites to see the life in a simple way, avoiding a baroque style and promoting stylized lines inside our house. They are designs made for slowness and pleasure of shared times. We say and feel that these are Slow Design pieces because they stimulate wellbeing within ourselves, with people and even with nature!

We would like you to take part in our new philosophy through Blancollection. No doubt that it’s a quieter way of living the crazy life and reminds us that time is ours. At the same time we feel closer to our people and let us be more environmentaly-friendly. As we usually say, coherence is what we need to get a balance in our lives.

Today we want to apply this concept to the design world because we think it has a lot of “feel good energy.” What’s the point of working, writing, dancing, going out, sharing… if you don´t feel good? It’s hedonism, but it doesn’t mean being selfish. It’s stimulating. With this new philosophy we feel our profession is closer and runs parallel to our lives. We live and practice a kind of design that is related to lifestyle: coherent, personal and with criteria. But we also believe in designs made with elegance, simplicity and softness.

We can be called ‘slow’ because we love enjoying every detail. We like seeing how fruit grows in trees, and flowers from stems. We like sensing that we’ll see the ice melting in our cold drink soon. Nevertheless, we never forget the present coming over the horizon. We enjoy our hot teas and we see, day by day, how sunlight wins the battle with the winter darkness. We stop and think: i feel good at home. And we enjoy the silence, kids noise, music, wind and everything we want to include in our lifes. For all these details, we need time and cuddles.

Welcome to our design world univers!

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