A way between quietness and a cosmopolitan lifestyle

Design is around the home as well as within, from the coffee spoon to the suite’s wardrobe. It’s functional design, used to make our life run in the daily world. Then, where does magical design fit in a house? The essence of all the looks go back, over and over again, to design that attracts everybody’s attention. That piece means a magic design.
Society has changed a lot in the last few decades. From a titan fight we have got to a coexistence of many who believe, value and live of little projects with huge values. Nowadays there are more people who look for an approachable relationship, face to face, in both professional relationships and a communication with their favourite brands. As consumers we want to be the centre of attention; as a brand we want to know our clients better. Design doesn’t escape from this trend.

Being creative is one of the most involving jobs ever, such as cooking -we talked about it in last month newsclipping- or cultivating that requires time, patience and care. That’s what our design universe means to us. And that’s how we feel one of our most precious designs: Urban Garden by Susanna Cots.
We love designs that are capable to transform our homes into green houses: from the children’s board to the interior trees, the attractive vertical gardens, recyclable pots used to grow seeds and… urban gardens! Why are we such fans of them? Easy! They make us feel alive; we get involved in a natural creative process… we create vegetal life, oxygen! Growing our own vegetables requires time and care; and some water and light. Then, the experience just multiplies its effect and we can share it with our family. Our friends will say “wow!” when we offer them bread and tomatoes home-grown on our balcony for dinner.

It looks like it’s a simple process where design doesn’t appear. Nevertheless, as we said at the beginning of the newsclipping, we don’t need to rush, because the winner is not always the person who arrives there first. The merit of DIY -doing it yourself- is it’s a new way of going back to our roots. We reflect on a job well done, we work with good materials, we take care during the whole process; both development and fabrication. The Urban Garden design is included in this way. We’ve done a step back and our priority has been how to do it well.

Why does the Urban Garden by Susanna Cots is so special? It’s a design that fits our lifestyle rhythm and complies one of our society goals: sharing nature and modernity in little spaces.
The conception, developing and fabrication of the Urban Garden, as well as the use and the meaning, is part of the Slow Design philosophy, which we started talking about a few months ago. How are we doing it?
– We go back to our roots; we respect the time every person needs to develop an idea or a product. Design is created to satisfy emotions.
– We look for the coherence between the environment where we move and ourselves. We use materials that have a minor environmental impact.
– We identify ourselves in a better future, the one we want for next generations. We want to introduce nature in our houses, even though we have little space.

That’s the reason why we want to go slowly, we want to enjoy designing and we want you to enjoy a good design.
Now, we invite you to grow your own vegetables and fruits at home! Have fun!

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