A new way of cooking

Let’s ignore all the surveys and let’s make our own hypothesis. Meals are the best moment of the day to enjoy relationships! We have no time and we always get the most of it while we are having breakfast, lunch, brunch, a coffee or a beer after work. We even make our dinners last hours to spend more time together. Every excuse is good to socialize.

Cooking, in our rushed world, means the heart of sociability. Spaces have evolved, our houses are smaller and the traditional concepts of kitchen and gastronomy have changed. We don’t have the old spacious homes, but we still keep the same need for communicating with our families.

Kitchen designs have made it possible that cooking turned into the most important parts of our lives. Blocc Kitchen for Camamilla Design aims to achieve this goal; being around a same concept. While someone is cooking, someone else is organizing the storage, another is recycling and the cleverest is picking at some food. It’s a spiral that catches conversations and makes our time with friends and family last longer.

We can also experience this new concept in restaurants. Recently, the gastronomical world has been changed around with Ferran Adrià and his new project, Fundación El Bulli. What has he done to change a way and style of cooking? Just simplicity. He’s attracted us to the table with subtlety. Nowadays the ‘cuisine’ has improved in sensibility. We eat poetic dishes. Nature enters our recipes with edible plants. Orient has invaded our stoves, and we eat exoticism, sensuality and delicacy. Asian or Thai cultures have changed our traditions in the kitchen. Who had ever thought that we would eat with chop-sticks or seated on the floor?

We have definitively got new concepts. We share pleasures and senses in a new way. Gastronomy is the centre of our social interactions, either at home or in a restaurant. If we are at home, we get the most of the ‘chef-experience’ and we experiment new recipes with our friends and family. Outside the new trends carry us away.

That’s why we feel proud of a kitchen as Blocc Kitchen by Susanna Cots for Camamilla Design and we are seduced by the idea of living this new concept. We want to enjoy the sensuality of French cuisine, the rawness of sushi, the visual attraction of nouvelle cuisine, the creativity of vegetarian food, but we don’t want to forget the traditional earthenware casserole used by our grannies, because everything –tradition and modernity- feed our senses!

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