A Christmas of senses

We can’t be so different. Christmas floods all our senses: we eat special products, smell typical scents, touch moss, listen to Christmas carols and, above all, we see thousand of lights, direct or indirectly. How can we avoid talking about Christmas invasion? And, what’s more, how can we talk about it without falling into clichés?

For two months, even three months for some people, all the concepts get a mutation. Suddenly, we get warmth through gold and red-coloured products. And it seems that the whole clothing, food and house have to follow this rules. Which is the goal? Trend, good taste or consumerism? We don’t want to be classified as “anti” but we don’t want to close our eyes to excesses that Christmas time represents either. We just want to keep living with our philosophy and we want to enjoy Christmas time with coherence with it. We would love to perpetuate the tradition of this period through the feelings and not through products. We want our children to have all these values -honesty, common sense and even scepticism- and avoid them to associate Christmas with an avalanche of lights, food and toys.

That’s why we want to suggest you change these conceptions and try to make a Christmas of senses, away from a consumer society.

The smell of Christmas

Which is the smell that brings you straight to Christmas when you were kids? In my case, I remember the smell of the fireplace and nougat at my parent’s. We’d like to suggest revisiting a scent that makes you feel at home, for example, the smell of wood. It’s a smell that gives warmth to a house and it’s cheap, easy to find and suitable to whichever corner of your house. Set your imagination free and go back to your memories!

The touch of Christmas

If we can’t renounce ourselves to moss, let’s decorate our house with it. But if we want to innovate, let’s find new ideas to give an original touch. Why don’t we use all these cloths from our wardrobe that we don’t know what to use for and try to make a carpet to put under the Christmas tree?


We can’t change our philosophy: we love white. Nevertheless, a bit of colour it’s always nice, especially for the kings of the house. They are who really appreciate the warmth of the family. If we share with them and make together the ornaments, the Christmas tree will be much more especial. After that, we’ll just need some white candles around the house.

The hearing

Why don’t we spend a while remembering those songs we used to listen to when we were children? Those melodies that make us think of the best moments with our family and friends. It can be a little tribute to our closest people. Sure to evoke your family feelings!

With this route through the senses we’ll enjoy Christmas time with simplicity and with values and we won’t waste neither money nor products that we won’t ever use again. So, let’s have an ecological, simple and sensorial Christmas!

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